Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm engaged!

It's been a week now and I feel like I'm still spinning. He asked me on Friday the 3rd. It was so sweet. Then this week I got to announce it in all my classes. It all feels a little "BYU-Ido", but for this hopeless romantic it's been perfect.

One more week and we'll have to part ways. I already know I'm going to miss him like crazy. We'll both be very busy though. Hopefully the time won't drag on.

We will be getting married during the second week in August at the Portland Oregon temple with our reception back in Eugene. We'll slowly be planning our wedding over the next eight months.

I'm very happy and very excited and very in love. It's still a bit surreal. I can hardly believe this is happening. :) Chris is everything I've wanted in a husband. It turns out that maybe what the Bishop has been telling us all these years is true; "you marry who you date".

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Starting Over - Day 1

Tonight I've had a severe wake up call. Now is my only time to change myself and to prevent future problems with my diabetes. How privleged am I to be given second, third, even
fourth chances at this one task- have the self discipline to poke my finger, calculate insulin amounts, change IV-like sets, and take care of my body every day of my life.

Today my numbers were:

- 214

Daily Average: 214

Twenty years of diabetes means I won't get very many more chances to fix this. Its now or never Kristina. What things are more important in this life than to live a healthily? I can think of only one or two. I can update my blog from my phone.

So today I'm beginning again. This time I can't give up.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 13


Today I was having problems with my set so my numbers stayed in the 200s for most of the day. I changed my set and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

- 284
- 401
- 263
- 248

Daily Average: 299

Day 12


- 217

Daily Average: 279

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 8, 9, 10, and 11

I've not done so well these past few days. I've only been testing a little bit, and I didn't write it down. I'm pretty sure Sunday, Day 10, I didn't test at all... I'm not going to put up the numbers. I'm just going to start again.

My new pump came on Day 8 like the guy on the phone said it would and that was very nice. Its exactly the same as my previous pump. It looks new, but that's about it. :) I shipped the broken pump yesterday afternoon so hopefully that will be all worked out. I might call a little later this week just to make sure they got the package.

It's almost time to go home. Saturday. I'm still working out the last of my finals. It's a little frustrating, but it's getting there.

Thanks for your support, everyone. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 7

Today has been quite the day!

First the numbers:

- 90
- 276
- 101
- 306
- 179

Daily Average: 170!!!!!!!!! I get a pink tab today!! :D

So this morning I went to have insulin for my breakfast like a good little girl and to my surprise nothing happened when I pressed the buttons on my pump. The battery was full of life, the reservoir was full. To me nothing looked wrong. "Well I'll take out the battery anyway just in case" thought I. Nothing happened. The buttons still wouldn't work. I decided I should call the manufacturer. But first I had to go to the bookstore. I got what I needed and was leaving the check out when... "beep beep beep". I grabbed my pump out of my pocket and to my surprise there was a button error. Button errors happen when you hold down one of the five buttons for more than three minutes. I wasn't pressing any buttons! Time to call Minimed. I was put on hold for maybe two minutes and by this time my pump was doing the "car alarm". This is an alarm that goes off when I don't respond to one of the other alarms. Generally it happens if I haven't done anything with the pump for more than twelve hours. It sounds like a car alarm. Without the use of my buttons there was no way for me to turn it off. Here I am walking around campus with this little blue cell-phone-ish thing in my hand making noise enough to attract the attention of everyone I passed. Finally I got through to Minimed and I'm pretty sure the guy on the other end could hear my little car alarm because he knew what was going on and all I told him was that the buttons weren't working. He said that there was a malfunction and that I would need to have a new pump sent out.

The only emergency that might have been an emergency today was that when the pump is alarming like that it suspends itself which means it won't give me any insulin. Luckily a year ago I was taking a Science class and wanted my pumps to use as a visual aide for a presentation. My most recent old pump is still functional and uses all the same stuff as my current pump. I put in a new battery, and got it all powered up. What I'm most proud of is I did all of this before I called Mommy. After twenty years with Diabetes I'm dealing with my own disasters. :) Which wasn't even a disaster. Tomorrow a nice UPS man or lady will come with a new blue pump for me that should last until they come out with something new.

I also found out that I really like my current doctor. I called him this morning to let him know about what had happened. I had to leave a message, and he called me back not just once but twice until he caught me. I'm pretty sure that the second time he called was after office hours. How nice.

Day 6

- 366
- 98
- 260

Daily Average: 241

Not bad. Missed a number.